Due to the excessive use of pesticides and chemicals the life of grass plants is adversely affected. It’s advisable not to use any pesticides, insecticides or fungicides because many microbes and earth worms are killed by them. Worms and good microbes help in the aeration of the soil. Hence it’s advisable to use natural and simple methods for the maintenance of grass plants. It’s better to grow tall grass the taller the grass the healthier they are. Hence the mower should be set at 31/2 to 4 inches. The soil should be maintained cooler and moister as it leads to the growth of microbes and worms. Fertilizers with high nitrogen should be avoided as high amount of nitrogen leads to rapid growth rate. The best fertilizer for grass is lime liquid lime as they have low amount of chemical which are beneficial to plats as well as soil microbes and worms. These are the methods one can use for grass maintenance.

In a recent survey in Brampton has showed that there is a lot of demand in grass maintenance and nowadays eco friendly and smart methods are preferred for grass maintenance in Brampton. But when it’s compared to the city of Mississauga grass maintenance has a larger demand as this city is highly populated and hence there is a lot of demand. Grass maintenance in Mississauga has lots of completion as there are various private companies which do grass maintenance.

As mentioned earlier people prefer the latest and eco-friendly methods so the companies also started using these alternate and green methods.As a result grass cutting has also turned into a world of professionals just like“The F1 Race” since there is a lot of competitions these companies are using latest technology and skills resulting in the increase of efficiency in the field of grass maintenance. 300But the most important factors that dominate all these factors are time and money. So now it’s a competition in which who can provide the best grass cutting service at a cheap rate with in a shortest time despite all these factors these companies has to follow the various rules and regulation of the government that includes even taxes more information.

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